Top Fort Lee, NJ Addiction Recovery Centers: Reviews and Ratings

While you may know people in Fort Lee with either mental illness or addiction, it’s common for someone to struggle with both simultaneously. Mental illness that occurs alongside addiction is commonly referred to as a dual diagnosis.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that in 2016, 8.2 million Americans (3.4%) experienced both mental illness and addiction.1 That same year, 15% of the residents in Bergen County who received treatment for drug or alcohol addiction also reported mental health conditions.2

If you or a loved one needs help for substance abuse and a mental health disorder, choosing a Fort Lee drug rehab facility capable of providing dual diagnosis treatment can increase the chances for recovery. Since many people start taking drugs or drinking alcohol to self-medicate a mental illness, attempting to recover from addiction without treating the underlying cause or trigger can lead to relapse.

Dual diagnosis facilities may offer a combination of:

  • Detoxification.
  • Individual and group psychotherapy.
  • Psychiatric medication.
  • Long-term supported housing (for inpatient facilities).

Treatment for co-occurring mental health and addiction conditions requires a lot of honesty from the person in recovery. Take the time to choose a rehab in the Fort Lee area or elsewhere that you feel comfortable attending so that you can be open about your mental state and addiction. When researching the right place for you, look for terms such as dual diagnosis and integrated recovery.

Broaden your search for the right dual diagnosis treatment center with the help of our database. While there are many options in New Jersey, traveling to a facility out of town can give you a change in scenery and social settings that many struggling with addiction find helpful.


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How to Choose the Best Addiction Rehab Fort Lee, NJ Offers

If you think you know what amenities you'll want, you'll uncover Fort Lee in-patient addiction recovery programs that meet nearly any requirement. From professional treatment for businessmen and women to celebrity recovery facilities, your city offers many alternatives, both cost-conscious and upper end.

How Long Will Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction Take?

Depending on the substance, abuse length and severity, you or your family member may need anything from a 28-day inpatient alcohol or drug recovery program all the way up to a long-term one. Other drugs can be treated with out-patient programs while severe cases may need longer-term recovery services. Still, you can find a Fort Lee treatment center to fit just about any bill.

How Much Does a Rehab Treatment Center Cost and Is Insurance Accepted?

In figuring out the cost of rehabilitation in Fort Lee, NJ, you first have to decide on the amenities the clinic provides and its geographic location relative to your own requirements. The prices can vary considerably for rehab centers. Many work with private insurance, so either check with your provider to see if the cost will have partial payment through your PPO or HMO, or call us toll-free for a discreet insurance check.

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