Top Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers: Reviews and Ratings

Alcohol and drug rehab programs in Arizona can help you or a loved one overcome addiction and get on the path to sobriety. Since there are so many facilities out there, it’s important to do your research and choose a program that will cater to your needs specifically.

Our rehab reviews and ratings include everything you need to know about each center, from the types of treatment they provide to whether or not they accept insurance.

54 Drug and alcoholism Recovery Centers and Resources in Arizona
  • Sabino Recovery
    Tucson, AZ
    Excellent - 38 Reviews
    HEALING RECOVERY FROM TRAUMA, ALCOHOLISM AND ADDICTION - Sabino Recovery offers both a 35-day residential program as well as in...
  • Decision Point Center
    Prescott, AZ
    Very Good - 83 Reviews
    Decision Point takes a contemporary view of addiction as a chronic disease, not a choice. And like any chronic condition,...

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Resolving to get addiction-free and get clean from drugs and alcohol from alcohol, prescription and street drugs is a life-altering event, and may be the most vital one you, your friend or family member will ever make. That’s why you don’t want to make your arizona rehab choice until you’ve discussed all your options and personal considerations such as wanting an executive upscale program or one offering private treatment. We keep our no-cost help line manned anytime, day or night to answer these questions and others, such as personal or private insurance eligibility

How Long does Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction Take?

The length of rehabilitation for a drug or alcohol abuse depends on a number of factors. It starts with the person, what sort of addiction he or she has, and how severe the addiction is. Some substances may require only out-patient services, where you can do home treatment. Others require an inpatient stay at a residential addiction recovery program. AZ abuse treatments, like those in most other states, offer everything from short-term, 1-month solutions up to 120 day and even longer-term choices. Talk to an advisor for more information on finding a addiction recovery clinic in arizona for you or your loved ones.

How Much Does a Rehab Treatment Center Cost and Is Insurance Accepted?

When determining the price of rehabilitation in arizona, look at the expense as an investment in your family’s future. Most treatment centers are able to take partial payment through any PPO or HMO plan you have. If you wish to review your eligibility and the cost of treatment in AZ, call our help line, at no charge to get frank and truthful answers to your questions.

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Whether your AZ inpatient-residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment with take ninety days or 3 months, beginning your treatment today improves your chances of getting and keeping healthy. Picking a recovery program that can meet your own expectations before you ever set foot in the door can also help a great deal. When you’re ready to book treatment, our help line advisors can help you find the right location so you get off on the right foot.

Drug Addiction in Arizona

In recent years, Arizona has seen positive signs in its battle against substance abuse. The state’s rates of tobacco use dropped below the national average from 2002 to 2010,1 and rates of current youth alcohol use decreased from 28.1% in 2012 to 22.4% in 2016.3 However, the state still has high rates of prescription drug abuse and illicit drug abuse, particularly among youth.

The state has 341 treatment facilities – 31 of which offer opioid treatment programs for people addicted to heroin, oxycodone, morphine, and other opioids. Specialty programs are also available for women, men, people with co-occurring mental health disorders, adolescents, and people who have experienced trauma. Some programs also offer treatment for gambling addiction and Internet addiction.2

Addiction by the Numbers

  • A 2017 survey found that the state had the eighth-highest rate of drug abuse. It was the 10th-highest in the percentage of teenagers who used illicit drugs in the past month.5
  • Youth marijuana use is more than twice the U.S. average (14.3% compared to 6.7%).1
  • Youth prescription pain reliever use in the past 30 days increased from 4.7% in 2014 to 6.4% in 2016.3
  • From 2006 to 2010, deaths from oxycodone and hydrocodone almost doubled, and deaths from benzodiazepines almost tripled.1 One report found that the state ranked second in the nation for drug overdose deaths.6
  • Between 2008 and 2013, 3 out of every 1,000 babies born in the state had neonatal abstinence syndrome, which means they were exposed to opioids in the womb and suffered withdrawal after birth.4

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Many things affect the cost of your rehab treatment, such as how long your program runs for, the type of amenities the center has, and where it’s located. Longer treatment programs are generally more expensive (e.g., 90-day vs 30-day programs) but may give you the best chance of recovery, so be sure to carefully consider the advice of a treatment professional when it comes to program length, even if it may cost you more.

Treatment Options

Once you get to rehab, you will be taken through an intake process and a treatment plan will be created for you. Your program may involve a period of detox, individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions multiple times a week, family therapy, and medication-assisted treatment. Your program will be designed for your unique situation so be ready to honestly answer any questions the rehab staff have for you.

Local Resources for Recovering Addicts

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