Infidelity and Addiction

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Dual addiction occurs when an individual has an addiction to two substances or behaviors. If you have cheated on your partner because of your addiction, your partner has cheated on you, or you see infidelity happening in the relationship of a close friend, an addiction and infidelity recovery center can help. Cheating can be related to an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or it can indicate a sexual addiction.

Sexual Addiction and Infidelity

sex addiction

Sexual addiction is an addiction to sexual acts. As with drug addiction and alcoholism, people with this addiction have little control over their actions. Your spouse or partner might engage in unprotected sex, solicit people online or have an affair at work. You need to know if the infidelity is a sign of troubles in your relationship or if it indicates a sex addiction. According to Peggy L. Ferguson, the signs of sexual addiction as it relates to infidelity include:

  • Cheating frequently or with multiple partners
  • A prolonged history of cheating
  • Less interest in sex with a stable partner
  • Using sex to experience a high
  • A family history of addiction

Other Signs of Sexual Addiction

Viewing pornography online, engaging in unusual behaviors, and having a high sex drive are normal for some people but these symptoms can indicate sexual addiction in others. According to Dr. Joe Kort, sexual addicts often suffer from a diagnosed or undiagnosed medical condition, including bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. Kort also points out that those with histories of sexual abuse and those who abuse drugs are more likely to suffer from addiction to sex.

If you notice the signs of sexual addiction in someone you love or in your own life, call us at 1-888-319-2606 Helpline Information to find out more about addiction and infidelity recovery facilities.

Drugs and Sex

Dr. Kort claims that those addicted to alcohol or drugs can develop a sexual addiction while using or after they stop using. Some addicts use sexual acts as a substitute from their substances of choice. For example, you might find yourself engaging in sex with a new lover when you cannot use cocaine or a prescription drug. Addicts can also develop a sexual addiction after engaging in sexual acts while using drugs. The individual’s brain develops a connection between the action and the substance, and the person finds that the drug doesn’t provide as much of a high when sex is not involved.

Dual Diagnosis

When you visit an addiction and infidelity rehab center, you might find that the doctor diagnoses you with a dual disorder. A dual diagnosis means that you suffer from an addiction and another mental condition. A patient might have an addiction to prescription drugs and sex and have an undiagnosed mental illness as well.
“When you visit an addiction and infidelity rehab center, you might find that the doctor diagnoses you with a dual disorder.”According to the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah, 61 percent of people in the United States suffer from bipolar disorder and 27 percent suffer from a major depressive disorder. The lab also points out that a large number of people with one of these disorders also have drug addictions. Infidelity can occur because of the individual’s drug addiction or because of the other mental condition.

Treating Sexual Addiction

An addiction and infidelity recovery facility will treat both the drug addiction and the sexual addiction. Dr. Rory Reid, who works for the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, believes that the key to treating sexual addiction is rational thinking. When he works with his patients, he encourages those addicted to sexual acts to change the way they think.

Individual counseling, which you’ll find at addiction and infidelity treatment centers, is another option. These therapy sessions help you look at your addiction in an objective light, find healthier outlets for your thoughts and feelings, and change the way you think about sexual acts.

Compulsive Behavior

Sexual Compulsion

Someone who cheats on a partner doesn’t necessarily suffer from a sexual addiction. Compulsive sexual behavior can occur because of a heightened sex drive, the drugs that a person uses or even certain medical conditions.

Addiction and infidelity rehab facilities offer different forms of treatment for those dealing with compulsive sexual behavior. According to the Mayo Clinic, these treatments can include psychotherapy, self-help groups and certain medications. Mood stabilizers and antidepressants can change the way the brain processes different thoughts and actions which can stop a person from acting on specific behaviors. The right recovery program for addiction and infidelity will give you access to these and other treatment options.

Choosing the Best Infidelity and Addiction Recovery Center

Dealing with

infidelity is easier when you have help by your side, and we want to give you the help you need. We understand that infidelity is sometimes a sign of drug addiction and that people with certain mental conditions engage in risky sexual behavior. While it may be possible to handle things on your own, you’ll feel better when you have a little help. Call us at 1-888-319-2606 Helpline Information when you’re ready to find the right addiction and infidelity recovery program for yourself or someone else you love.

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