3 Must-Haves for a Sober Super Bowl

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Ken had been waiting for this day for years. His favorite team finally made it to the Super Bowl. No way he was going to miss this game! His friends were throwing a party, and he would be there in full fan gear.

Ken does have one worry, though (other than a potential loss for his team). He knows the party will be flowing with booze…and he knows himself. Ken struggles with over-drinking at these types of occasions, so he’s trying to cut back on his alcohol intake. What can he do? Is it really possible to stay sober at a Super Bowl party?

Good news, Ken! The answer is yes.

If you’re among the Kens out there who want to enjoy the game without the hangover, try these tips:


For Super Bowl 51, Tostitos partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber to create special chip bags that detect if you’ve been drinking.

Yes, it’s true. The bag is equipped with a chip that senses alcohol. Breathe on the front of the bag, and, if it lights up green, you’re good to go. If it detects alcohol on your breath, the front flashes a red steering wheel and a “don’t drink and drive” message. It also provides an Uber code you can use to get a discount for a ride home.

If you can’t get your hands on one of these bags, you can easily purchase a personal breathalyzer to help you know when to stop drinking or put away your keys.


Boundary #1: Time

Before you go, decide how long you will stay. If you know your friends will be sloshed by the fourth quarter, maybe you should leave at half time, to reduce temptation. Or, decide on another exit strategy, in case you’re finding it too tough to resist the abundance of alcohol.

Boundary #2: Indifference

If you can make yourself aware of one truth, it’s extremely freeing. Here it is: Everyone is too wrapped up in their own stuff to notice if you’re drinking. If you’re worried about looking like an outsider, a wet blanket, or a rude guest, you can stop worrying. Set the drinking boundaries you know are best for you, and stay focused on those. Remain indifferent to what others think – they’re probably indifferent about what you’re doing anyway. It’s likely no one else will even be aware of what’s in your hand.


Accountability is awesome. If you know you’ll be tempted to drink (or drink too much) at a Super Bowl party, bring a sober buddy. Invite someone who will stay sober with you or will hold you accountable to your goal of staying sober. This might be a sponsor, mentor, friend or relative. (Hopefully you can find a buddy who’s also rooting for your team.)


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