3 Books to Boost Your Strength in Recovery This Fall

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Spring usually monopolizes our thoughts of renewal. As trees bud and flowers bloom, our minds turn to fresh starts and new beginnings. But fall is just as significant.

As summer comes to an end, we prepare to “buckle down” for a new academic year. We put away the sandals and sunscreen and make new commitments. We take time to think about what the next season will bring. We seek inspiration and strength for the road ahead.

Top Fall Recovery Reads

The following are three top reads to provide some recovery inspiration. As we make the transition into cool autumn evenings and renewals of our own, consider picking up one of these soul strengtheners.

Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living

by Shauna Niequist

Has your heart ever longed for simpler, slower, richer? This idea flies in the face of our culture of constant activity and the scramble to prove our self-worth.

Best-selling author Shauna Niequist shares with us how to discover a life of peace and genuine happiness that we mistakenly try to find in success and achievement. Her collection of essays reveals the possibility of a life of intentionality, connectedness and meaning. She encourages us to embrace imperfection, accept messy and become free to engage in the amazing moments we’ve been missing.

Niequist explains: “It’s about learning to show up and let ourselves be seen just as we are, massively imperfect and weak and wild and flawed in a thousand ways, but still worth loving. It’s about realizing that what makes our lives meaningful is not what we accomplish, but how deeply and honestly we connect with the people in our lives, how wholly we give ourselves to the making of a better world, through kindness and courage.”

For the Love

by Jen Hatmaker

Relationships, fear, judgement, heartbreak: these struggles can make us competitive and harsh, but they don’t have to. Jen Hatmaker inspires us to strengthen our kindness, grace, truthfulness, vision and love. She reveals how to practice these transformative traits (both within ourselves and others).

Hatmaker encourages us to break free from guilt and shame, release our burden of always being right, escape our impossible standards and develop accepting relationships. With a great sense of humor and impactful honesty, Hatmaker’s words offer refreshing wisdom and insight.

So Long, Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us

by Beth Moore

Unrealistic expectations are a breeding ground for insecurity. From our relationships, to our future, to our appearance, insecurity grows until we’re captive to it, miserable in our perceived worthlessness.

Beth Moore believes it doesn’t have to be this way. You can be strong. You can say so long to insecurity, avoiding this trap and setting yourself free emotionally and spiritually. Moore takes us on a quest to find lasting, soul-deep security.

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