Find the Best Residential Spice and K2 Recovery Center

If you believe claims that Spice is a safe, all-natural alternative to marijuana, then you probably wouldn't think that some users would need treatment in a Spice and K2 recovery center. As with any sort of illegal or dangerous substance, you can't believe everything you hear about Spice. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, chemical evaluations of Spice samples indicate that the drug contains synthetic materials. Specifically, the active ingredients are several forms of synthetic marijuana, which may not be listed on the packaging.

Originally, Spice was sold under various brand names in gas stations, online stores and shops known for offering drug paraphernalia. However, the Drug Enforcement Administration has classified some Spice ingredients as controlled substances, making most versions of Spice illegal in the United States. This drug is illicit, is dangerous to health and may also be addictive; therefore, it is essential to seek assistance from Spice and K2 rehab and treatment programs if you are struggling with Spice use.

Consequences of Habitual Spice Use

"Spice and K2 use has always carried medical risks, but use of the substance is now also associated with legal and social penalties."Over 11 percent of high school seniors responding to the 2011 Monitoring the Future study indicated that they had used synthetic marijuana within the previous year prior to the study. Some experts believe that easy access to the drugs and marketing material labeling the products as all natural might have lured first-time users, especially younger individuals into trying the drug. Spice and K2 use has always carried medical risks, but use of the substance is now also associated with legal and social penalties. Consequences of using Spice include the following:

  • Being arrested
  • Losing your job
  • Being expelled from an organization or school
  • Experiencing anxiety and paranoia
  • Vomiting
  • Having a heart attack

Some experts believe that synthetic marijuana products are even more dangerous to the body than cannabis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has associated Spice use with kidney disease, and research from the Naval Medical Center indicates that smoking synthetic marijuana can result in an extended psychosis.

Is Spice Addictive?

As with marijuana, many people believe that Spice is not addictive. However, because your body builds up a tolerance to most substances over time, it may require a higher, and therefore more dangerous, dose to obtain a high each time you use the drug. NIDA reports that regular users may develop symptoms of withdrawal when attempting to abstain from Spice. These symptoms are a sign of addiction and can make it difficult to stop using the drug.

Seeking Help for Addiction

If you have used Spice or K2 once or twice, then avoiding future use is the best course of action. If you have reached the point where you cannot quit on your own, then seeking out help is essential for your life and health. Here are some actions you can take today to get help:

  • Talk to a trusted loved one or friend, preferably someone who is not also using drugs, about your addiction. Ask this person to help you find a professional treatment program or counselor.
  • Call a helpline that specializes in providing information about addiction and local treatment options. One resource is our addiction recovery helpline, 1-888-966-8334; our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.
  • Consider attending a Marijuana Anonymous meeting if one is available in your area. Although Spice or K2 use is slightly different from regular cannabis use, a lot of the information about recovery and treatment will apply. In addition, you will meet people who are dealing with similar issues, and you can ask the program facilitators for information about local counseling organizations.
  • Discuss your Spice use with you primary care physician. Even though general practitioners are unlikely to have expert knowledge regarding addiction treatments, they can refer patients to substance abuse counselors. It's also important to share information about drug use with your doctor so that he can best diagnose and treat related health conditions.
  • Look online or in the phone book for a local treatment facility, and call to request an evaluation. Many Spice and K2 addiction recovery helpline and rehabilitation programs offer free consultations with their counselors, and you can discuss treatment options during these appointments.

Tips for Selecting a Recovery Center

addiction treatment centerAlthough it is not always possible to find the perfect recovery center, try to select a facility where you feel comfortable. Facilities that specialize in treating individuals in your age group are a good choice because you can be assured that counseling or therapy sessions will be relevant. You should also select a program that provides total body care and treats not only addiction but also any underlying emotional and mental health issues. If you leave a residential recovery center in better physical health and with the ability to cope with emotions and triggers, you will be more likely to say no to Spice and K2 in the future.

If you are struggling with an addiction to synthetic marijuana or any other drug, or know someone else who is, get help today. If you are fighting urges to use, even if you believe the problem is under control, call us right now at 1-888-966-8334. Our helpline representatives can answer your questions and provide you with tips for immediate treatment options at the appropriate Spice and K2 recovery center in your area.