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When you have decided that the time is right to pursue substance abuse rehab and recovery treatment for yourself or a loved one, it is important to know where to turn to. Among the many options available are desert drug recovery centers. Many prospective patients choose a desert drug recovery center because this type of facility allows them to undergo treatment in a serene environment without distractions that might hinder their recovery.

Choosing a Desert Recovery Facility

The first factor you need to consider when choosing the right addiction recovery program in the desert is the type of treatment program that will best meet your needs. The first factor you need to consider when choosing the right addiction recovery program in the desert is the type of treatment program that will best meet your needs. Both residential and outpatient programs can provide unique advantages, but you should know that according to a report made by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, retention rates in outpatient programs are lower than those in residential treatment programs. According to the same report, approximately 41 percent of patients leave during the first four weeks of treatment.

If you are considering undergoing treatment in the desert, other factors to consider when comparing treatment facilities include:

  • Percentage of relapse
  • Average length of stay
  • Dropout rates
  • Number of return patients enrolled

Choosing a substance abuse program is one of the most important decisions you can make for your future and that of your loved one. If you need assistance in locating a desert recovery center, contact us at 1-888-319-2606 to discuss options and get help finding a rehab program tailored to your unique needs.

What to Expect From a Drug Rehabilitation Program

detox The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that most people tried drugs for the first time while they were still adolescents. In 2011, approximately 8,400 people tried drugs for the first time each day. Because not all patients are the same, understanding what you can expect from a drug recovery program in the desert can help you choose a facility that will be able to efficiently address your particular needs. A number of factors can sometimes complicate the recovery process, including a variety of codependency issues. A good recovery center provides a host of complementary services to address any complications and unexpected issues that may arise during the recovery process.

Most treatment programs near the desert begin with an intake evaluation, which is designed to gather the information necessary to help the facility's staff design a comprehensive treatment plan customized to your unique needs. You will typically need to provide a full medical history as a part of this assessment process, and your treatment plan will include detoxification services, which are medically managed to help minimize symptoms and assist you or your loved one in detoxing safely and comfortably.

An experienced clinical team will provide you with continuing evaluation following your detox to identify and treat any co-occurring disorders that might otherwise complicate your recovery. A personalized treatment plan can make a significant difference in your ability to successfully recover and maintain your sobriety after you leave the desert drug recovery facility. An individualized treatment plan allows you to establish personalized goals aimed at overcoming any obstacles that may hinder your recovery. Continuing evaluation will provide the opportunity to make adjustments as needed.

Family support is often beneficial to - and should be incorporated in - the recovery process even if you opt to attend a residential program. Drug abuse, alcoholism, addiction and co-occurring disorders can impact not only you but also your entire family, so an efficient drug recovery program will focus on providing support for both the patients and their family members and loved ones.

Numerous desert drug recovery facilities are available, and each type of facility offers a unique array of amenities and services. If you believe that the time is right for you or your loved one to seek recovery from substance abuse, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-319-2606. It is possible to successfully recover from addiction, so let us help you take the first step today.

Maintaining Sobriety

recovery Choosing a drug recovery center in the desert that will meet your immediate substance abuse needs is just as important as ensuring proper aftercare planning. Recovery is a continuing process, so once you leave the treatment program, you'll still need resources to help you maintain the treatment results.

Many drug recovery facilities in the desert provide an array of aftercare or extended care services that are tailored to address the challenges you may face in the future and help you make the transition from treatment to maintaining your sobriety for the long-term. Desert drug recovery centers can provide you with the tools you need to overcome your addiction and give you the hope to look forward to a future that is free of drugs. Call us today at 1-888-319-2606 for more information.


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