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Choosing a 90-Day Addiction Recovery Program

If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, you may need the support of a 90-day drug recovery program. Most addicts struggle to change their addictions on their own, and even with the help of their family and friends, recovery can often seem like an impossible journey. If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, you may need the support of a 90-day drug recovery program. At a three-month recovery center, you will gain the foundation you need to quit using drugs.

Rehab and recovery treatment programs have different lengths, but the most effective programs tend to be 90 days long. Research by the National Institute of Drug Abuse indicates that most addicted individuals need to spend a minimum of three months at a recovery facility in order to stop taking drugs. The agency also notes that the best outcomes are associated with the longest treatment programs.

Inpatient or Outpatient 90-Day Drug Recovery Program?

outpatient rehab When looking for 90-day drug recovery programs, you will have to choose between inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient programs require you live at a 90-day drug recovery facility. Outpatient programs, on the other hand, allow you to attend counseling sessions and group therapy meetings while still living at home.

Most addicts find that their recoveries are more successful if they enroll in inpatient programs. However, if you have too many obligations at home or at work, you may need to use an outpatient program so you can attend to your responsibilities while getting treatment.

Making this choice can be difficult for many people. When selecting between an inpatient or outpatient approach, keep in mind that recovery is your greatest obligation. By devoting time to a 90-day drug recovery program, you are dealing with the most important thing in your life, and once you recover, you will be able to attend to the other details of your life.

Points to Consider About Therapy

When looking for a treatment facility, you may want to look for one that uses treatments that have been backed up by scientific evidence. For a program to be successful, it should incorporate therapy and medications. Ideally, the therapy should focus on the following elements:

  • Ensuring you really want to change
  • Helping you see the rewards that you will get when you stop abusing drugs and alcohol
  • Giving you coping mechanisms that will help you avoid drug use
  • Teaching you how to find drug-free activities that are constructive and rewarding
  • Helping you create healthier personal relationships

The behavioral therapy approaches described above are right for most people, but you need treatment that is specifically tailored to your unique needs. When looking for addiction recovery program, you should try to find an environment and a set of services that are right for you.

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Cost of 90-Day Recovery Programs

insurance coverage Cost may become one of your main considerations when looking for a three-month recovery program. The cost of staying at a 90-day drug recovery facility varies depending on the type of facility you choose, the type of insurance you have, and whether or not you qualify for special programs or financing. If you qualify, you can choose a public rehab facility that offers services at little or no cost. Private rehab facilities, in contrast, may cost tens of thousands of dollars, but these costs may be offset by your insurance.

Many insurers will pay for the cost of detoxification, but they may require you to pay for the costs of other types of treatment. You may even be able to get financing that will spread the cost of paying for rehab out over a year or more. However, when thinking about cost, remember that the true cost of rehab is invaluable.

After recovery, you will be able to embrace your life without addiction. You will have the opportunity to mend relationships with colleagues, friends, family members and yourself. Recovery will help you learn how to make positive decisions without addiction. Everyday decisions about diet, health and exercise will all seem easier after you have recovered from your addiction.

Treating All of Your Needs

When choosing a treatment program, you should look for one that will address all your needs. Addiction is a complicated disease that affects how your brain functions as well as how you behave. For optimal results, you need to pick a program that uses an approach that deals with all of your conditions simultaneously. It should also address any mental disorders you may have.

Choosing the Right Recovery Program for You

The bottom line is that it is hard to find the right treatment program on your own. A good program should offer the right type of therapy for you and should meet all of your needs. Addiction is a complicated disease that affects how your brain functions as well as how you behave. If you need help finding the right 90-day addiction treatment program for you, we are standing by 24/7 at 1-888-966-8334. You only need to call our addiction recovery helpline.