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  • Overall: 4.6
  • Accommodations: 4.7
  • Meals: 4.3
  • Effectiveness: 4.7
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2015 Martins Grant Court
Crownsville, MD 21032
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Treatment Insights

At Serenity Acres, treatment for drug and alcohol addiction involves balancing the mind, body and spirit. The residential rehab understands that every client is unique and strives to give its residents a personalized recovery experience at a reasonable price. Treatment plans are designed by the facility’s team of medical and addiction specialists, offering a broad range of effective therapeutic modalities, including gender-specific campuses, dual diagnosis care and holistic therapies. A non-institutional, family-style setting encourages clients to open up, explore their core issues and create a solid plan for life-long recovery.

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Serenity Acres delivers on their promise of quality addiction treatment. I spent 60 days here and couldn't be more grateful to the incredible staff here. My counselors were incredible, and really help...


This place changed my life. I lost everything to my addiction- my job, my place to live, my relationships. But coming here has made me feel like I can work to regain my life. My counselors were amazin...


Serenity Acres saved my life. I had overdosed multiple times and didn't have any hope for my life. The counselors here were absolutely incredible- they helped me see things about myself and my addicti...

David W.

I can\'t believe I avoided rehab as long as I did. My time here took me totally by surprise! I was so at home here, and I loved the holistic therapies. I reallly found them to be helpful to my recover...

Kristin B.

I can\'t tell you how different this place is from other treatment centers. I felt right at home, the facilities were so comfortable. And the amount of counseling was unrivaled. My counselors really ...

Marissa S.

The staff at Serenity Acres treat their clients with plenty of respect. The counseling is amazing and consistent. Many people I was in treatment with said that no other treatment center is as good as ...


If possible I would give this facility 0 stars. I was initially told over the phone when looking for a facility to send my husband to that even though other facilities will title themselves dual diagn...


Since coming here, I have been able to FINALLY surrender and find peace in accepting my addiction, a higher power, the fellowship, and so much more that will allow me to reach balance in a life of sob...


By far, the créme de la créme of treatment facilities, Serenity Acres is the best out there. I especially appreaciated the combination approach of both eastern and western medical treatment approach...


Having been to other treatment centers, Serenity Acres was unique in its mental health/addiction counseling and intense one-on-one, as well as the holistic approach. Now I have self esteem and the abi...


My treatment at Serenity Acres helped me connect with who I am and what I want in life. It helped me learn to love myself. I had the deep realization of how much my life was based on validation from o...


The facility itself is very modern, clean, and comfortable, creating a homey atmosphere that promotes mental well-being as well as providing enough extra-curricular activities for clients thus easing ...


I can’t express highly enough the positive impact that both my counselors instilled in me. They made me look so deep into myself and made me finally realize that I’m a very special person. All the...


Serenity Acres provided the resources and environment needed to heal, grow, and change the direction I was moving in. It allowed me to safely detox, and learn about the disease of addiction so I cou...


Serenity Acres has given me my appreciation for life back. I came in hopeless and left with a new confidence in myself and my abilities. Deep personal introspection experiences through the counseling ...


I suggest any one looking into this facility get all financial information in writing prior to admission. This was the first rehab I tried to help my loved one get into. He arrived around noon and by...


The clinical team here is superb. Each and every member has taught me coping mechanisms, the meaning of addiction, what relapse truly entails, adn somuch more. Im very appreciative for their commitmen...


Upon arrival here I received the care and compassion that I needed to begin this journey. All the staff were extremely polite. This experience has proven to be a lifesaver. It felt like more of a home...


Before coming here, my biggest fear was detoxing and they made sure I did not suffer. After that, they were able to profoundly change my way of thinking, which I never thought would happen- especially...


I’ve been to other treatment centers and Serenity Acres is by far the best. Every aspect from the food to the counselors. The most valuable part for me is the extensive amount of 1 on 1 time with th...


The biggest change in me since coming to Serenity Acres has been accepting myself and not being so hard on myself. It made me become more honest of a person with myself and with my family. My counsel...


SA is different from other facilities in the amount of one-on-one counseling, outings, different kinds of therapies, and the home setting. I gained acceptance here and hope for the future. My counselo...


I am grateful to my counselors at Serenity for making me really dig deep, be open and honest while working steps 1-3, relapse prevention, and co-dependency. I now feel confident that I can stay sober ...


Serenity Acres (including other clients) was very welcoming and accepting. It had all the tools and faculty to ensure my growth in sobriety.


My counselor at Serenity Acres was awesome. He did everything in his power to help me get through this rough patch of my life and make the experience worth while.


Serenity Acres is different because you get therapy sessions every day which is very helpful. The biggest change in me since coming here is the willingness to keep fighting for my life.


The therapists, outside activities, daily groups, the staffs care & support. Serenity acres offers a lot of counseling. You have an addictions counselor you see everyday and a mental health counselor ...


They are extremely caring and demonstrate excellent bed side manner. They truly care about you and your family. Some of the staff tend to make light of the seriousness of the issues at hand. Some tend...


Trained staff. Area in which it's located is not the best. Great program!!!


It was a very welcoming atmosphere and they provided a great amount of mental treatment


"While we do have television lounges in each house, television availability is limited so that clients can focus on their treatment and recovery-oriented activities." Yet...there isn't a single quiet ...


Serenity Acres is not like any other treatment center Ive been to. The staff here truly cares about you and shows an excessive amount of interest in your well-being. The staff was always very welcomin...


I would choose Serenity Acres again because its awesome in every way. It helped me to get clean and sober and was more involved with the clients than at other treatment centers I looked at. My counsel...


My counselor was great. He was the perfect counselor for me. He really helped me understand the disease that was controlling me. We worked the steps together and he has given me the confidence in life...


In selecting Serenity Acres, you should be very cautious about any financial statements made by the facility intake staff. When my husband selected Serenity Acres for alcohol rehabilitation, he was t...


I liked that they had private rooms. However, they needed better meals.


At Serenity Acres I could feel my thoughts getting clearer every day. My fogginess and memory problems were a big part of my addiction. It’s so nice to be heading in the other direction now. My comm...


The counseling and level of care I got at Serenity Acres was beyond any other place I have been. The house and grounds were cleanly and well taken care of. Here I did not feel like a number. My counse...


On my fourth night at Serenity Acres I experienced insomnia. After not sleeping, I took the suggestion of surrender and admitted defeat. That was my epiphany, my spiritual awakening that has allowed m...


I truly enjoyed working with both of my counselors. Both were influential during my stay. They went the extra mile in my counseling sessions and put in extra time to work on me and my treatment. Witho...


There hasn’t been one experience or event that was life changing because the entire process from start to finish has been life changing. When I first started treatment I was more reserved and didn...


My increase in self-worth and self-love was the biggest change I made while at Serenity Acres. I also got a better understanding of qualities that are co-dependent and how to seek happiness within and...


My counselors impacted my recovery because they helped me realize the pattern of me trying to take control over most situations. Also, I also began to see that I take care of everyone else’s needs a...


I would choose Serenity Acres because of the team of counselors I had the opportunity to work with. The entire staff truly cares about all of the clients and their recovery. I liked the program and be...


While at Serenity Acres we attended an outside candlelight meeting. The speaker had an amazing story that I could really relate to. It made me feel like my higher power was in the room with me and tha...

Rvn D

Serenity Acres is so amazing and really helped open my eyes, which is unlike anywhere I have been. The staff give it character and the food is perfect. Just being outside in nature I could feel my hig...


This was my third treatment center. I was very impressed with the staff, housing, meals. The overall experience was extremely helpful with my alcohol addiction. The one on one counseling was intens...


great experience


In the 3 years since I have been to this facility, I have heard that they have implemented some necessary improvements. Should have had an after care plan.


This is NOT the same place as their brochure makes it out to be... 4 people and 3 dressers to a room. A dirty community bathroom which is used by all in the basement. Total boredom...No help here.just...

Areas of Focus
Creative Arts Therapy

Writing, making art or engaging in theater can be deeply therapeutic for people working to recover from addiction. Many facilities offer one or several forms of creative arts therapy as a way to help patients learn to express their feelings in productive ways.

Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Many mental health professionals view eating disorders (including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, along with other dysfunctional eating patterns) as a food addiction – in that food is used in ways other than as fuel or a source of pleasure. Some, but not all, addiction treatment programs include eating disorder treatment as part of the service menu. Also, an eating disorder may be a dual-diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder with drug or alcohol addiction.

Trauma & Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT)

Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT) uses the brain’s innate ability to adapt to change in a healing way, essentially “retraining” the brain to respond differently to familiar memories of trauma or pain.

Alumni Testimonials
  • I have genuinely been invested in a wholesome recovery and taking constructive action to bring about change. I’m also able and willing to feel and manage my thoughts and emotions. I have an overwhelming sense of hope and fulfillment.
  • The change in me is like night and day--physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am able to remember who I truly am and that I’m not the bad person I was before I got here. Serenity Acres helped me to strengthen my relationship with God and now I am in the best shape of my life. I’m confident and happy, which is something I haven’t been in years!
    Alex D.
  • Serenity Acres has a very comprehensive approach. The dual diagnosis helped focus on emotional/cognitive development as well as addiction. It’s great that we get to do fun things that help us see that you can have fun being sober. I loved the holistic, spiritually based therapies. Also, the staff and environment are amazing. Who I Truly Am The change in me is like night and day--physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am able to remember who I truly am and that I’m not the bad person I was before I got here. Serenity Acres helped me to strengthen my relationship with God and now I am in the best shape of my life. I’m confident and happy, which is something I haven’t been in years! Best Chance at Recovery I went to a program that was primarily for wards of the state. That place pales in comparison. Serenity Acres was a better facility with more professional staff. There was also much easier access to counselors. I felt like I was treated as a client instead of a number.This place was much more suited for creating an environment that is going to give the best chance of recovery. Genuinely Happy This program was excellent! The staff seem genuinely happy, motivated, and excited to be here and to be able to steer the clients toward a better life. The yoga, acupuncture, and massage is such a great break in routine and I found that I really like the eastern medicine approach.
    John B.
  • Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT) uses the brain’s innate ability to adapt to change in a healing way, essentially “retraining” the brain to respond differently to familiar memories of trauma or pain.
    Trauma & Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT)
Key Staff Members
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    Dr. Mark Illuminati - Medical Director

    As the Medical Director, Mark works with the staff to coordinate the appropriate level of care for each individual client. He works directly with the clients on management of medical issues both related to and separate from their addiction, ensuring comprehensive health care plans that ensure our clients’ chances at recovery. What he has found to be most rewarding about working in the addictions treatment field is being able to help suffering addicts and alcoholics to realize their fullest potential.

  • Photo of
    John Norris, LCPC, LCADC - Clinical Supervisor

    John graduated from the University of Maryland in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. He then went on to attend Johns Hopkins University, where he earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Community Counseling. He also holds an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Human Services, and a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling from the College of Southern Maryland. He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC). He began working at Serenity Acres in August of 2015 as a mental health therapist, which involves working with the clients to treat dual diagnosis issues, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

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    David Semanco, MS, MAC, CADC, CSAC, CAC-AD - Clinical Director

    David earned his Master’s degree in Human Services from Capella University, with a focus on addiction treatment. He is a licensed Addictions Counselor specializing in the application of complementary therapies to enhance the treatment and recovery process. He has worked in hospital, residential, and outpatient settings. He utilizes traditional modalities and is also trained as a neurofeedback clinician. David is dedicated to minimizing the stigma of addiction and is a strong proponent of innovative treatment methods which are underutilized in conventional treatment settings, but which have demonstrated success through evidenced-based research.