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  • Overall: 4
  • Accommodations: 4.2
  • Meals: 3.4
  • Effectiveness: 4.4
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4418 Malcolm Ave
Louisville, KY 40215
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Treatment Insights

Landmark Recovery exists to assist each patient in the development of a lifestyle that is permanently free from all mind and mood altering substances and that promotes the patient’s well-being across mind, body, and spirit. We strive to achieve this vision by building strong, ethically-grounded relationships between each employee and each patient. These relationships outlast the treatment program and continue to serve the patient as long as necessary post-discharge. Our corporate values are: PEOPLE: While recognizing the importance of delivering a return on investment to shareholders, Landmark holds that it is never acceptable to compromise its moral and/or ethical responsibility to meet the needs of its patients, employees, or communities in the name of increasing profits. As such, the legitimate needs of the PEOPLE involved in the Landmark community must always come first when making business decisions. PASSION: Landmark holds that, in order to deliver the highest quality treatment, all stakeholders must exhibit a continuous internal desire to see each and every Landmark patient achieve his or her goal of a substance-free lifestyle. This PASSION must drive each action that our employees and contractors complete the job, and should be externally obvious to all patients, stakeholders, and community members. PURPOSE: Landmark holds that employees must be cognizant at all times of the company’s mission, and must be driven in their work by that mission continuously. The PURPOSE behind the work is at least as important as the work itself. LANDMARK LIFE: All employees and stakeholders must strive to assist patients in achieving a life that is substance-free and completely fulfilled in mind, body, and spirit.

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therapist are great,techs are not too bad,lack of communication between staff is only complaint all though i did notice improvement during my time here, cooks are good but a better breakfast would be ...


Excellent recovery and CBT therapy.


Overall I received excellent care here, especially from the nursing staff. I had some issues with being assigned a therapist in a timely matter, but aside from that I had no other issues.




Loved the staff...there were kinks such as air conditioning problems, lack of healthy food options such as fruit and vegetables with meals. The overall treatment I received from staff was amazing. The...


The overall treatment is excellent. there are a few minor problems but overall its a great facility.


the staff was very caring, and gave great advic. Always there to listen when I needed to talk. The facility gave many tools other than AA to help me achieve sobriety.


I was very fortunate to be able to come to this facility. I think that the staff are top notch and the facility is a very comfortable place to recover.


My time at Landmark was time well spent. I feel like I have been prepared with the tools needed to continue work on my recovery and I would highly recommend the facility to anyone I know in need of tr...


absolutely wonderful helpful compassionate and resourceful staff to whom i am truly grateful. the layout of the program with aa/na meetings big book studies smart recovery and therapy sessions gave it...


The whole community at Landmark has been a blessing to me, patients, techs, administration. I've learned countless tools and gained plenty of resources to help me succeed in recovery.


over all treatment is good. growing pains are being addressed. i believe it will be an excellent place of care.


the treatment was awesome. i loved it here




Great staff, although a bit of disorganiztion


Everything you need, they usually can truly help you with.


great support from techs....and my therapist.


Great staff


best treatment center I've been to


Landmark is an amazing facility. I have received the best care that I have ever had. My therapist helped me through some very dark issues that I have and discovered new ones that we also worked throug...


Horrible find another place


it was good but the food was absolutely terrible.




great experience great staff


awesome experience. Landmark saved my life!


The food could be better and more of it should be made. And they should let the attendants have smoke breaks whenever they want. Also a pool would be nice.




Everyone was very nice and did their best to help and answer questions.


Overall great


Need more therapist..they are great just overworked. Need faster prescriptions. Also need doc available for emergencies..


Food was awful and felt pressured into staying when I wanted to leave, concerns not heard/dismissed.


Everyone who works here is amazing. Food quality is the weakest area. Access to therapy was an issue for some of my brothers and sisters in treatment but not for me. Special thanks and immense kudos t...


I feel like this place actually helped unlike other places I have been too


the treatment I received was great, but the food could have been better


Food was unhealthy and not enough. Staff was great and very caring. The strucher was not the greatest


overall good. Having more options for physical activities would have been nice. Therapist seem to be overworked so didn't get to see them as often as promised. More healthy meal options. More fruits a...


Excellent program. The staff and therapists are immaculate! The food is a work in progress, but it's been open less than a year.


been to other treatment center..landmark is above and beyond better


AMAZING staff, very good experience took care of me mentally and physically


Would not recommend. During my stay into a manager was fired for drug use and broke in the safe and stole money from patients including credit cards. Staff also turns over at a high rate therapists as...


learned tons of skills to take with me to stay sober


Its A great place to come to recover.


The facilities are excellent and the staff is extremely helpful and caring.


everything was WONDERFUL food could be better


I like the combination of CVT and Smart Recovery, along with the other treatment I received.


the landmark staff was very caring and understanding, great place


This facility has changed my entire mind set about recovery and its process. The knowledge absorbed through my treatment process was in plethora.

W. A.

Ratio of patient to therapist is like no other facility we researched. 5 or 6 to 1. no real weaknesses I could see. Excellent facility, not because of the accommodations, but because of the quality of...




The employees that are in recovery that can relate and therapist's Food, need more A.A involved things helped me find out the underling issue to my problems and help to cope with it


I worked as an assistant administrator for Landmark Recovery. I do believe that the internal staff truly care about the wellbeing if the staff. Most of the staff are in recovery and can Identify with ...


Cleanliness, unique curriculum, therapies and classes non-12-steps oriented Lack of structure/organization and inconsistency with staff, rules, and expectations Highly recommend especially to those wh...


good material. the staff are on the same page as far as rules this place helped me want to stay clean


The meeting were good. Food was amazing.


Therapists are excellent! Food, Phone rules Excellent facility overall!


I will just say this. I'm familiar with Betty Ford, BHOP and a couple other well known expensive treatment centers. In saying that there is something special going on at this small treatment center in...


I have been to a few and by far Landmark is the best one around here !! The staff is Great and most have been where we are now , and easy to talk too I really appreciate how they keep inviting us ba...


Landmark has been very beneficial to my recovery. It hosts a very capable staff that clearly wants to help recovering addicts from a place other then a simple paycheck. It is clean, the room and board...


The curriculum, Therapists, CD Technicians, food, and overall care of our well being and recovery were strengths. Can't think of any weaknesses, great place. This is the best treatment facility I've e...


its clean and well staffed A downfall was the phone time. it was life changing


Weaknesses include the meals and rule changing


All of it was amazing Weaknesses: Alternative food options Out of all the rehabs i have been in Louisville, which is almost all of them, i would give this place a 10 out of 10 compared to any other re...


I have loved my time at Landmark Recovery of Louisville. The staff is phenomenal and their background in recovery really helps build a solid relationship with patients in better understanding the illn...


Strong programming, hiring staff who are also in recovery are strengths. difficult access to therapists + only meeting them once a week. lack of substantial breakfast were downfalls


Almost all of the staff are in recovery themselves, so they can relate to the clients in a more intimate way. Could benefit from more one on one counseling. Also making sure that all of the staff from...


Excellent therapist & staff I have been to many rehab's in past & never really learned any thing until Landmark. I love this program


Strengths include: evidence based practice, CBT instead of 12 step constantly which is free administration is inconsistent, facility changes affect patients Therapists are wonderful and the group ther...

Tracy M

Landmark Recovery changed my life. I have 5 months today, and that is because Landmark gave the tools to use to keep sober. The facility is very clean and new. The staff is was always available at any...


Incredible therapy staff. Facilities are comfortable and clean. Nutrition could be improved with a more varied and well-rounded diet.


comfort was a strength. communication was a weakness. clean, comfortable


Life saving program. Highly recommend. New facility not well known. Once admitted my family member was treated exceptionally well. Their alumni program has been great. We know this is an ongoing battl...


Treatment could improve


Strengths include that it was clean, great employees, basketball Hiring Process was a weakness. New System Director Too many rule changes


Facility was great


Family Program Staff and administration were all great. Offers 12 Step as well as SMART Recovery i was given incredible motivation and hope


Schedule changed daily, nothing was consistent. Next to no one on one therapy with a counselor, though you are promised several sessions a week. The lack of organisation was concerning, saw peoples pr...


Very clean and organized. Landmark is a very new facility, so many rules and expectations are still under construction and often ambiguous and/or apt to change. The staff, along with the patients, are...


very well trained staff clean facility nice and courteous employees activities for patients to do no exercise facility access very educational and informative information provided


This facility was great


Couseling, mental health treatment, food, detox. Phone time could be more This is without a doubt a premiere rehab facility. The personalized care that Landmark offers is in my opinion one of the best...


Learned several tools for managing my alcoholism recovery.


learned the tools i needed.


The facilities are very comfortable. Alot of the staff are in recovery, so they relate very well to my personal experiences. I would recommend this program to anyone. It has been a life changing exper...


Very poor experience, never met with counselor s.


Treatment and accommodations were great.


Landmark and the staff are exceptional in their knowledge and professionalism.


good communication kept clean not enough food grateful for everything they've offered me


Strengths: Clean Well maintained Great staff Wonderful medical care Great 24 hour facility! No weaknesses noted The staff is very helpful and patient!


It was okay but meals could have been better.


Small facility was a strength. Inpatient and outpatient. Medical detox A weakness was that it was a new facility.


Strengths: the staff. Weaknesses: Still new, needs time to grow. Medically speaking this facility is on par with others around town, but the facility is much more then that.  The staff work as a team...


Strengths: offering evidence based treatment. Weaknesses: Very new.


Strengths: staff is very compassionate, enthusiastic, listens Weaknesses: very new. New and still learning and building the treatment protical


Strengths: clean. Weaknesses: just opened. I was treated well during my detox phase.

Areas of Focus
Trauma & Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT)

Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT) uses the brain’s innate ability to adapt to change in a healing way, essentially “retraining” the brain to respond differently to familiar memories of trauma or pain.

Creative Arts Therapy

Writing, making art or engaging in theater can be deeply therapeutic for people working to recover from addiction. Many facilities offer one or several forms of creative arts therapy as a way to help patients learn to express their feelings in productive ways.

Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Client & Family Support Groups

Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.

Key Staff Members
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    Zach Crouch, LMFT - Administrator

    Zach has been working in the addictions field for over 12 years, working at the Morton Center and Norton Hospital. Most recently, he was the Administrator of the Norton New Vision program for substance abuse detoxification.

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    Allen Plappert - Clinical Director

  • Photo of
    Starr Judkins - Director of Nursing

    Starr Judkins is a native of Louisville Kentucky. She studied Nursing and Social Science while in college and proceeded to work as a Health Services Administrator within the Correctional Systems. While employed in Corrections she was instrumental in the development of the medical detoxification process and commenced in working with various agencies within Louisville Metro government to assist in the research that is plaguing our community.

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    Dr. Walter Butler - Medical Director

    Dr. Walter Butler brings his years of experience in the addictions field to Landmark Recovery of Louisville. Building upon his years of experience directing both local and regional treatment programs, Butler recognizes and implements the highest standards of practice. A graduate and former resident of University of Louisville's school of medicine, Dr. Butler has long standing ties to the local medical community.