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  • Overall: 4.6
  • Accommodations: 4.6
  • Meals: 4.4
  • Effectiveness: 4.7
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1802 NE Jensen Beach Blvd.
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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Located on the sunny southeastern coast of Florida, Just Believe Recovery is committed to providing each individual with the highest level of residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The facility believes that recovery is possible for everyone, and provides its clients with a safe and comfortable atmosphere to build trust, practice healthy coping skills, and create meaningful goals for the future. Love and compassion, as well as direct, respectful, and honest communication form the foundation for all treatment modalities at Just Believe, fostering a secure therapeutic environment for long-lasting sobriety.

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Great facility! The staff truly care and are very dedicated! I have been clean for almost 2 years now. Judt Believed not only helped me to stop using, but to find a new & better way of life for the lo...


I had a great experience and highly recommend Just Believe Recovery Center!


The WORST place ever. Dirty, disgusting, LOUD, small smelly. Do not just walk from this place but run!. The tech's we're on a power trip.seriosly...


I was recently shocked to see how poorly the staff handled HIPPA guidelines. A recovery center should act ethically and professionally when handling medical / personal records. Please do your resear...


The Staff is very sincere I felt like Family here. This recovery program is working for me because I know that I have an addiction.


The staff and the program are very structured and oofer excellent care to all their clients. I love just believe! My experience was that of such genuine care. Just believe goes above and beyond in eve...


Communicating with the us and treating us as deserving for recovery. The Therapist are very well at what they do and being available 24/7. I dont feel they have weaknesses. This facility covers all th...


Strengths: Great therapists and staff


The therapist and staff are very helpful and involved in the clients recovery and make you feel welcomed . My overall experience was more than i would have anticipated. I felt at home and built a fami...


The Counselors are top notch won't find any Better anywhere in the U.S. and the day to day staff or technicians as they are called are the best around. If they can do it or help you with something the...


Counseling, individualized care of each client, outside women's meeting, support from all staff members, were all strengths of the facility. This facility has helped me to look further into my addicti...


The techs here are the best strengths in this facility. Communication was a negative. This facility was great and I strongly recommend it to anyone.


Just Believe offers high quality group therapy sessions. I learned so much about myself being here and the therapists and staff members are well trained in all areas and provide help whenever you need...


Housing is clean, staff is understanding and well trained. The staff worked together to put a personal recovery plan together for me that worked with my own individual problems, this helped me maximiz...


Trained professionals who care. Offers everything needed to recover.


Staff, treatment, and the overall experience. Communication (at times), food options. As I've said, Just Believe saved my life. I was lost, and I thought I would be forever. Not knowing why, I kept ...


compassion and acceptence. follow suggestions and be completely honest.


The therapists are wonderful, and tailor to each client's needs. The groups are personal, and you get to know the other women at the facility this way. Food delivery can be off sometimes, but we get w...


The daily activities, always something new going on, the people that work there treat you like family. Really can't think of any at the moment. The residential program encourages community and respons...


Staff, treatment were nice.


the counselors and the housing an extra activities an techs. very caring employees and very adaptive to everyone's needs. the counselors are top notch


they work well with people with different issues and combine them in with treatment. the individual therapy sessions are greatly beneficial to help understand the root of your problem and help you to ...


Gangster Rehab, low down snakes, someone getting very wealthy at the expense of unsuspecting clients.


The amount of weekend activities needs to be increases since the lack of such results in unruly and immature behavior from the patients.


great reputation that was fully realized. none that I can honestly remark on. I was completely satisfied with the entire experience. The entire experience from my first inquiry to completion far exce...


The Therapy and individualized treatment given to clients. Needs more structure Staff and counselors were great and facility is in a great location with a dock to go fishing and kyacking as well as v...


Nice staff Lacks structure They were very nice... They helped me to the best of my ability.. Even when I thought about leaving AMA


The staff are all people who genuinely care about the well being of the clients. Communication between the shifts could be improved. This has been my first time working in recovery. It's been an over...


It has every level of care which is nice They seem to be about the money. The detox doesn't seem to know how to properly detox clients. Very unorganized They need more activities for the clients to ...


Happy workers, actually care about the clients. Amazing!


Outside activities in beautiful south Florida! Beach, nature walks and more! EMDR Therapy is offered. Forgiveness Therapy is amazing! Yoga and meditation helped with anxiety. Staff is knowledge...


12 step based and gender specific. It helped a good friend get and stay sober


The staff is congruent and truly cares and wants to assist clients in recovery. Lack of programs such as yoga.


Small company which was good. Lack of communication Management works closer with the staff; keeping them informed at all times. Plus have cooked/prepared meals for clients in PHP.


The staff is passionate and caring and love what they do Their meal program needs work The community togetherness that's facilated here is tremendous


Counselors are very involved with clients Wide range of activities for clients Groups are strong recovery based Staff is very compassionate and caring Food provided was not a wide range. This place...


Top Notch Therapists The facility could provide more activities and outings I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with the disease of addiction. The staff really care about each person...


Dedicated and passionate in addiction recovery Enforcing the guidelines at the residences was poor. I have seen the transformation from entering the treatment program to leaving with a renewed outlook...


Loving caring staff. With all of heart we care.... and we believe recovery is possible for everyone....


individual care and support. Just Believe really cares for and works with the individual client and assesses their needs on an intimate level.


Great program Not sure If you were looking for the best place in Florida I would highly recommend this the counselors are excellent the location is great and there's always someone here to help you


The Techs were nice. It's a wonderful program


Comprehensive treatment of substance abuse No specific treatment of behavioral addictions I work for the facility remotely so I am unsure of some of the environmental aspects. However, I believe tha...


Caring staff. Amazing therapist. Close knit community. Activities Just Believe is definitely for people who are serious about recovery.


Good counseling . Great place to work well educated staff very caring


I would personally send all my friends and loved ones to this place if they ever needed help. I came down to Florida not knowing what I was getting myself into, and it was the best decision that I ev...


This treatment center was good enough to get me sober, but it is really a joke. The women's center gets all the amenities pictured. If you are male then get ready to be put in a nursing home, literall...


12 steps, meeting and counseling were all excellent. However, they need counseling to be available more than once a week. I would go back if I needed treatment again.


I really need help I have 3 children that deserve better I\'m not wealthy but I will do whatever it takes to get help asap


This place saved my life. I was so miserable and in the darkest place I had ever been. I came here and build a great support with several of the other clients I still keep in touch with to this day. T...


They did an amazing job helping my husband transform into the person I always knew was inside. They kept in constant contact with me to let me know how things were going and ask how I feel and was af...

Kelley R

Just Believe Recovery saved my sons life! I don't know where he would be if it wasn't for the caring therapists and staff.


The owner honestly cares for the addict. There is a great aftercare program for clients with transition living for 3 mos. Also affordable halfway housing after treatment.


This program gave me me life back


Person to person


Your program saved my son's life! He had been to another facility twice before that, but your program gave him the personal counseling and the nurturing he needed to get back on his feet. We cannot ex...


My child) has stopped abusing addictive substances, engaging in harmful behavior, and has a more motivation to want to change...


Super Staff. One of the woman staff members was the best therapist I have ever worked with. Caring and firm. Wouldn\'t let me get away with anything. I can\'t thank Just Believe Recovery enough for sa...

Federico M

Best treatment in Soflo


I have not been to any other rehabilitation facilities, this was my first experience and my last. I say this with certainty, because it worked. They flew me down, and back home; everything was cov...


The staff is very empathetic and caring. Unable to locate one at this time. I have worked at this facility for a few years and I may be biased, but we have an amazing staff that cares immensely for ou...


Just Believe Recovery Center saved my kid's life.

Areas of Focus
Intensive Outpatient Program

Just Believe’s Intensive Outpatient Program is especially effective for individuals who wish to live at home and attend to familial, vocational, or academic obligations while receiving treatment. Program offerings feature education, coursework, and therapy focused on topics such as relapse prevention, codependency, self-esteem, awareness, meditation, spirituality, and the effects of addiction on the brain.

Personalized Treatment Program

Upon arrival, clients receive comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessments and craft individualized treatment plans with licensed addiction specialists accordingly. Each client receives 24/7 monitoring and is provided personalized care for optimal wellness during recovery.

Family Integrated Approach

Families are encouraged to assume an active role in loved ones’ recovery processes through Just Believe’s family integrated approach to treatment. Family and friends are offered full support services, including individual, group, and family therapy.

Multi-Therapeutic Approach

Clients are provided a comprehensive continuum of treatment modalities for a holistic and effective approach to lasting recovery. Services provided include core processing group therapy, experiential art therapy, psycho-educational groups, individual therapy, and more.

Alumni Testimonials
  • Hello my name is John, I'm an addict. I want to tell you a little bit about how my new life began. My life was like most it was so unbearable and unmanageable I didn't care if I lived or died. I was living in a hell that I thought there was no way out until I asked God to show me a way out or not let me live any longer. I destroyed everything in my path until I was looking up a magic pill and found JUST BELIEVE RECOVERY's phone number. When I called they said they would call me back. I really didn't think it would work anyway and didn't care. I kept getting these 800 number calls I just thought it was bill collectors and didn't answer. One day a 252 number came up and I actually thought it was the drug dealer and answered it. Little did I know it would be my little guardian angel a Taylor from Just Believe and my journey had begun. As I went through detox I still didn't believe this would work for me. I spent 8 days in Royal Detox. When transferred to Just Believe I wanted to leave that day but no one was listening to me no one seemed to care. Little did I know I was still being a spoiled brat. As I was sitting in the lobby of the center scared to death a therapist walked up to me and asked who I belong too? I said I don't have a clue and she took me under her wing and guided me through the hardest days of my life. That lady my friends, was Ms Maria, whom I spent a lot of time with for the next month. When I returned home I remembered the tools that were given to me and how I needed a meeting in 32 hours of returning home. So on Valentine's Day I took my wife to a meeting and was I surprised with the love and friendship from this amazing group of people. Then as days went by I constantly went to every meeting I could, meeting people that would become a big influence in my recovery. One of the hardest things I had to face in this year was losing my first sponsor to cancer. He instilled in me a lot of knowledge and discipline one of the biggest one was keeping your commitment. I went forward and started a NA meeting and volunteering at IOP PROGRAM speaking at churches and AA meetings. It's so amazing how God has brought me and my wife together as a team. To help the ones that was just like us, we can now give back. You have to give it away to keep it. I want to thank JUST BELIEVE and Taylor Hart and Maria Murphy for working with me and giving me all the tools I needed for this new adventure. A special thanks to my buddy Jason he was always there for me.
    John J. Alumni of 01/2015
  • I was literally hand plucked by a Just Believe Alumni (sister) out of a crack motel in Paterson, NJ and I couldn’t stop injecting heroin or smoking crack. The support (community, staff, alumni, etc.) created an environment of reciprocal support while I learned how to not only abstain from drugs use but learn to live content with my life through self-esteem, integrity and spiritual philanthropy. Today, I am a work in progress and through practice continued, daily maintenance on my recovery which included regular attendance and participation of a 12 step program coupled with participation in a spiritual practices. Through all this I have options and a gifted, blessed life.
    Brian L
  • I reached out to a friend who worked for the facility to get here. When I came here I was emotionally, spiritually and mentally broken. Through the work of the clinical staff we recognized problems I didn’t even know I had. I learned how to live my life without using by working on myself for once. I am doing everything that was suggested and taught to me. I got a sponsor, homegroup, a service commitment in my homegroup and I am actively working the 12 steps of NA. This place has given me my life back. I live a live beyond my wildest dreams and love my self today.
    Mathew R Clean date: 3/18/2016
  • All the staff here truly care and want you to stay clean. Not everyone agrees with their methods but I promise you they all have your Best intentions at heart. Crack brought me to my knees and disappointing my family brought me to Florida/ Just Believe. I knew for a fact that Family or as my people say (OHANA) here at Just Believe would treat me with the love and care I needed. I thank Therapist Amy, Aunty Marilyn, Therapist Michele, Admissions Manager Taylor, Alumni Coordinator Corie and all the techs that kept it real and made my time here smooth, doing thinks they really didn’t need to. I will take all the things I learned and use them in my day to day life from the suggestions, the numbers I got and good supportive conversations I had. There is so much I could write but I truly thank Just Believe from the bottom of my heart. Aloha A Hui Hou. Mahalo Nui Loa. Thank you so much.
    Justin J. AKA “Hawaii” Clean Date: 10-12-2016
  • Amazing program with an amazingly staff. Anything I needed was met with urgency and respect. Just believe Recovery center has a loving staff from the clinical director down to the cook. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity of someone believing in me!
    Mariza.G Clean Date 10-22-2016
  • I started using at the age of 14 but it wasn’t much of a problem till I was 17. I checked in to a treatment at the age of 18. I got out and stayed dry for 7 months. Then picked back up and ran in and out of treatment till I came down here at the age of 21. My drug of choice was opiates. Just Believe is by far the best treatment center I have been to. I went through their detox, PHP, transitional living IOP. The staff is great and will work with you every step of the way. They showed me more about the program than any place I had been before. Returning home, I’m going to continue to work the steps, go to meetings, and work with a sponsor. If you or a loved one is needing help, then Just Believe is the place I would recommend.
    Andrew G. Clean Date: 11-12-2016
  • I arrived at Just Believe September 2014 and was amazed at the support and love they have to offer. Through trial and error I unfortunately had to return in February and was in disbelief when they were going to give me a second chance. The staff at Just Believe will do everything in their power to help you succeed. I followed all their suggestions and I am still clean today because of them. Just Believe literally saved my life. It was scary to come to Florida on my own not knowing anyone, but at Just Believe they made me feel a part of. Their clinical staff gets to the underlying causes of your disease and helps you work on understanding them. I moved into their transitional living after I finished my time at their PHP. They showed me how to be responsible and how to be a normal human being. Shortly after my stay I got a sponsor, home group and started to work my steps. Just Believe welcomed me. Made me a part of their family and keep me accountable every day. The only way I can repay Just Believe for what they have done for me is to stay clean. Before I came down here I literally had nothing. I lost my job, vehicle and destroyed so many lives of others. Through Just Believe I realized that I could have those things back. I never thought I would be where I'm at today and it's all because of the things that Just Believe has taught me. Today I have a great relationship with my family, a great job and a place to call my own. After I left Just Believe I was happy to be considered alumni and grateful to be a part of something bigger then myself. To give back what was so freely given to me. Thank you Just Believe for helping me become the young man I am today.
    Tad R Dec. 6, 2015
  • Wife of Alumni Today I sit here in full amazement with the recovery my family has got over the last year. We went through throwing our hands up, going to lawyers for a divorce, to now not being able to have one minute away from my soulmate. What a roller coaster ride this monster tried to give me and my family and he did but just for a short time 10 years. Now that monster is arrested "just for TODAY". I never imagined that my life nor my family's life would be this way, it just wasn't possible but with the help of God and Taylor (just believe admissions manager) constantly calling after that first call from John, it happen!!!! We have had lots of tears of joy and moments that seemed impossible but anything is possible with God. This monster had me so crazy that I had so much anger and bitterness and hate in me that I never ever wanted to smile or to laugh, but with the help of a young man at Just Believe telling me about a group called Al-anon for then I was taught that I'm not in control. My thoughts on this: These people just don't know cause there isn't anything wrong with me, little did I know yes there was. I was as messed up as my husband. Just like my husband today I am freed from that monster but for only today. I take one day at a time not trying to look into the future or the ‘what ifs.’ Enjoying each clean day I have with my family and it's better than winning any lottery or having all the money in the world. I have recently started an Al-anon meeting and it's really growing it's so amazing how you see someone change right before your own eyes. I want to thank JUST BELIEVE RECOVERY AND ROYAL DETOX for giving my husband the tools to start a brand new clean life my heart and soul will be indebted to you and your staff. To Maria, you were the momma bear that kept us straight and always giving me strength to move forward. Thanks for everything a BIG THANKS TO ALCOHOL ANONYMOUS without this program life would truly be different!!!!!! Jan. 21, 2016
    Vickie J.
  • I came into Just Believe broken. I felt as if I couldn’t go on in this life, and didn't know how to live. I chose the program without any prior knowledge of it, I just knew I needed help. Upon arrival, everyone was kind and understanding, which aided in easing my nerves. The staff was genuine, and they gave me strength on days I felt I had none. Without the people in this program, it would be like every other treatment center. I was given the tools to live a life of recovery and was overtaken by a sense of pure happiness. I learned so much about myself and grew spiritually. Just Believe changed my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.
    Ashley I.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of
    Ms. Cynthia Bellino - Executive Director

    Cindy has 20 years of experience in the field of substance abuse. She founded, developed and operated two programs: Serenity House, a women’s halfway house in Jensen Beach, Florida, and the creation of a not-for-profit program, A Pocket Full Of H.O.P.E., Inc. established in 2007 in Pennsylvania that provides housing and support for recovering addicts and their families.

  • Photo of
    Dr. Richard LoSardo, MD - Medical Director

    Dr. LoSardo attended New York University School of Medicine and after graduation he did a residency in pediatrics at the New York Hospital – Cornell University Medical Center. He initially practiced as a pediatrician in Pennsylvania and achieved Board Certification in pediatrics. He went on to complete a General Psychiatry Residency and a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Brown University Medical Center.

  • Photo of
    Sandra Palmer - Clinical Director

    Sandra is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with 22 years of counseling experience. Her diverse areas of counseling include addiction, trauma, family of origin issues, mediation, and child and adolescent counseling. Sandra employs a variety of highly-effective modalities, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), RET (Rational Emotive Therapy), Motivational Interviewing, and experiential, art and music therapies. Sandra’s involvement in the substance abuse field began back in 2002, when she served as Director for Stand Down, a rehab program for homeless veterans with addictions. Since that time, she has developed and implemented curricula for a number of other rehab programs.