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  • Overall: 4.6
  • Accommodations: 4.7
  • Meals: 4.6
  • Effectiveness: 4.6
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9198 NW 8th Avenue
Miami, FL 33150
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Treatment Insights

Harbor Village believes that everyone is entitled to quality substance abuse treatment, regardless of background or circumstance. To this end, the drug and alcohol detox and rehab facility offers affordable, compassionate care that’s customized to each individual. With comfort as a top priority, each client is provided with a customized, medically assisted recovery regime that’s tailored specifically to his or her level of addiction.

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Apparently enough is never enough for the owner. Not only does he own a detox, inpatient rehab and lab...He owns a call center, where he does placements... Now heres the problem and why I said enough ...


Medical Treatment was offered at almost every addiction treatment facility but what I found special and exceptional at Harbor Village was the brief interventions and one-on-one counseling sessions. Th...


Harbor Village recognizes that medical as well as personal attention is necessary part of an effective addiction treatment program. Individualized attention is provided to recover from addiction; emot...


The partial rehab facility at Harbor village helped me cope with the social and professional life. I am thankful to the staff as they are dedicatedly working to build a behavioral health system that e...


I am clean for 12 months as of today and picked up my one year chip. I can\'t explain how grateful I am. This place was a real life saver. The staff and therapists were maxing. The outings and group...


Harbor Village has the specialized veterans that provide psychiatric services to treat addiction and other dependency problems. I was treated by a multidisciplinary team that understood my requirement...


Harbor Village specializes in providing intensive care as I was suffering from sudden psychological traumas. Experienced and qualified staff helped me handle the withdrawal challenges. A comprehensive...


Expert physicians at Harbor Village helped me to sustain the physical and mental balance. Alternate treatment methods like therapies and counseling sessions were provided to calm down the psychologica...


Misguided and terrible approach to treatment so I left before the program ends.


Harbor village provided the motivation to live a sober life even before they started the treatment. The peer groups also inspired me to live a sober life. I felt mentally strong even before I started ...


Harbor village is the finest rehab facility. You learn a lot of things that you wished that you had known before. It is very important to fight the unresolved feelings and emotions that cause addictio...


\"If it wasn’t for Harbor Village … I have no idea if I’d even be alive today. My experience in the Harbor Village treatment program was positively life-changing in ways that I never would have ...


I had successfully completed rehab programs at a number of other facilities before I arrived at harbor village but the problem was that I would always go back to living the miserable life before I did...


Food stinks and staffs didn\'t care. Don\'t go to this center.


When I arrived at harbor village, with everything that it had to offer, it wasn’t much hard to fall in love with this facility and yes, it made my recovery a lot easier than I had imagined it could...


I’ve had been dealing with alcohol dependency for years before I arrived at harbor village and to say the truth, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work. I had heard good remarks about the facility ...


I consider myself very lucky for ending up at harbor village. I was welcomed by a friendly and caring staff and was allotted a nice room that came along with a number of entertainment options. The fac...


A major part of recovery is to deal with the psychological complications that a person develops because of the substance abuse and dependency. I had my fair share of fears and doubts when I arrived at...


Harbor Village definitely felt more like a resort than a rehabilitation center. I enrolled at the facility for a detox program that I was able to successfully complete. I liked a lot of things that I ...


I was struggling with my addiction for years before I arrived at harbor village and I would go back to living a drug-fueled life as soon as my treatment would get over but it didn’t happen when I le...


I had a very pleasant experience with the staff members at the harbor village. Everyone from the therapists to the cook to the housekeeping staff was nice, welcoming, and energetic. There was this pos...


It is hard not to fall in love with this facility if you happen to have a stay there. I think half the credit for my recovery goes to the beautiful environment that the facility has to offer which ma...


I walked out of harbor village with a lot of pleasant memories and I’m glad to announce that I’ve been sober now for almost 5 months. All the staff members at the facility were very passionate abo...


I cannot describe in words that how grateful I am to the people at harbor village for helping my daughter in going through her rehab treatment. I have only heard nice things about the facility ever si...


I cannot describe in words that how grateful I am to the people at harbor village for helping my daughter in going through her rehab treatment. I have only heard nice things about the facility ever si...


I was dealing with a lot of issues when I came to Harbor Village and getting over my addiction use to seem impossible to me. But thanks to their treatment plans and the kind and nurturing attitude of ...


I had a room with six other people. One dirty bathroom. And the pictures above are not anything or room I ever saw there...Lied to. It was more like a prison.


I was unsure before I moved to harbor village that will I be able to complete my detox this time. I had a history of escaping facilities and I really didn’t want to go through that again. To my surp...


My brother came back from the facility a few weeks ago and we cannot be thankful enough to them for changing his life! We can actually see the person he used to be before his went on to the wrong path...


Calling harbor village anything less than a vacation spot would be unjust. You can actually feel the energy level of their staff and how they keep you engaged in different soothing activities during y...


A lot of people don’t understand that drug addictions are basically a cry for help – a person’s way to self-medicate himself during a hard phase in his/her life – I learned that at Harbor Vill...


I will start with saying that Harbor Village is one of the most beautiful places where I have lived. My stay at the facility is one of the best experiences of my life that I will always cherish. All o...


Harbor Village is one of the higher-end inpatient rehab facility and surely the best of its kind. They charge a very reasonable amount of money for all the services that they offer at their facility. ...


This place is an absolute dump. Their marketers will tell you anything to get you there. STAY AWAY!


Harbor Village to me felt like nothing less than a vacation spot. There was this positive energy in their staff and an overall comforting vibe in the facility that made my stay at the facility really ...


Their drug rehabilitation programs are very well designed with accordance to the unique personality and the level of addiction of a person. It felt good to be in treatment under experienced profession...


Drug addiction starts with the need of self-medication because of a number of psychological reasons. During my stay at the Harbor Village, I learned how to fight my inner demons and it helped me rebui...


Harbor village is a mini-resort. Period! I had one of the best experiences of my life at harbor village. I learned yoga and took part in all of arts therapy sessions. They offer a lot of fun activitie...


It would be least to say that I had the time of my life at this facility. They actually managed to make detox fun. Harbor village is simply a great place to be. A lot of fun activities, great food and...


I was scared at the beginning about what kind of environment will I have to live in. I’m an introvert so basically don’t interact with people a lot. That changed a lot during my detox period at th...


I have had been in and out of many rehab facilities before I came to harbor village and I have to say that the environment and staff care that I was exposed to at harbor village played a major role in...


I have a better grip on life than ever all thanks to harbor village and their dedicated therapists. It had a great time at the facility. I learned, recovered and developed life skills all at the same ...


I was able to beat my heroin addiction of 7 years at this facility. I had been in and out of many other rehab centers in the recent years before I ended up at harbor village and I think that it was th...


I have had completed rehabilitation programs at other facilities before but would engage in my old habits as soon as I would leave the facility. In my experience, relapse prevention is as important as...


I actually fell in love with this facility during my stay here. Such a fun place to be! I don’t think my recovery would’ve been this much easier if I would’ve been somewhere else. Food options ...


Harbor Village is something I’m very grateful for. I had been an alcoholic for a really long time without any hope of ever getting rid of my bad habit. This facility did what I thought was impossibl...


I’ve been in and out of many rehabilitation centers during my struggle with addiction and I can comfortably state that there is no other facility like harbor village that provides such an excellent ...


This facility gave me another chance with life and I’m very thankful for that. The staff was very welcoming, caring and sensitive about my issues. Group therapy sessions were held on a regular basis...


My 1st & 2nd trip to detox at harbor village-ok. Treatment stunk. Maybe because a new program. They treated us as children on the over 30 side. One staff member was the only reason I stayed for the du...


I am very thankful to Harbor Village for helping me overcome my addiction. My recovery means so much to my family and I can finally spend real sober time with them and my children.


I have went to Harbor Village a few months ago. The place was amazing! The BHT staff and case managers are really caring. They definitely helped put my life back on track and now it is up to me to con...


I never thought I\'d make it. This is really a good place to start a new life away from addiction.


This facility has much more amenities than any other facility that I have went to in the past. Not that the amenities are that important but it sure does make your stay a bit easier and comfortable. I...


Two thumbs up! I couldn\'t ask for a better place.


I am surprised that they still keep in touch with me even after I got out from the facility. I still get calls from them. They offered support when times get rough. I appreciate it very much.


I had a wonderful experience here. There are many life-changing experiences during the activities and sharing stories with the community was helpful. A good detox and treatment program.


DO NOT COME HERE IT IS NOT A LUXURY REHAB!! More like going to the Ghetto for a vacation the staff that are supposed to be \"watching\" you ...are not. I was there for 2 hours and had my uncle come pi...


I loved my recovery so much, I think I want to pursue recovery medicine too. Because of the compassion I was shown during rehab, I want to live my life the exact same way, and help others struggling w...


This place was horrible. Everything they offer is a lie from the \"limo\" wich was a suv. The food was horrible,not gourmet at all..3 people to a room wich are dirty, the nurses could care less about ...


I didn’t undergo treatment for years because I didn’t want to go through withdrawal- but here you barely feel anything at all. The only thing I regret about treatment with Harbor VIllage, is that ...


Other than the staff, it\'s horrible!


The organization is horrible. We were in a absolutely horrible neighborhood. Understaffed to a fault. The techs are mostly young and have little sober time. Food is bad, really bad! Getting a phone ca...


This facility has caring, friendly, supportive and knowledgeable staff. I never felt misunderstood when I share my ideas, experiences, viewpoints and judgments to them. They made me feel welcomed and ...


Going to treatment is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I would recommend Harbor Village any day of the week.


There are a lot better rehabs out there. Do not even waste your time and money with harbor village. They tell you lies about releasing you. This place and staff are a DISAPPOINTMENT


Harbor Village is a great place to go if you’re looking to get started with your recovery from addiction. Everything about this place is amazing from the treatment to the staff to the delicious meal...


I do not regret going to this center. It’s a great facility with a peaceful atmosphere and great staff.


I was comfortable the whole time here and they treated us many times to our favorite fast foods once a week!


They still keep in touch with me even after I was discharged. The alumni coordinator there is great.


Harbor Village has enabled me to reawaken the passions in my life, and for that I’m able to make the music I’ve always wanted to. You learn how to find yourself again in rehab- I know I did. Thank...


Loving yourself is the key to overcoming addiction. The therapists of Harbor Village help you to remember you are worthy of love and compassion. They’ve given me the ability to love myself, and begi...


I am very satisfied and happy that the detoxification process went very well. I find the counselling sessions effective for me too.


This place was the worst detox i have been too. I went as a couple and all the people that work there are very young and in early recovery and do not take things very seriously. Food was ok. Beds stun...

Mr. Phelps

I loved the activities and outings at this facility!


I still talk to some of the people I met while in recovery with Harbor Village. They have become my sober companions, and I don’t know where I’d be without them today and their continual support....


I didn’t know anything about addiction until I came to Harbor Village. I knew I was an addict, but I didn’t know addiction actually had a legitimate aspect. I just thought I was the way I was. Dur...


harbor village is an awful place with nearly no structure or know how when it comes to running a legitimate treatment center. Their food was often times stale and cold due to the fact that there is no...


Knowing when to go to treatment was something I wasn’t ever good at. So when I finally went to treatment, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Let me say, whatever I may have thought, Harbor Village far ...


I loved the individual therapy. It was my favorite and my therapist was awesome.


How could I ever thank harbor village enough for saving my life. Before I went here i was starting to lose hope that I will ever get clean. After meeting the AMAZING, caring staff, I knew that this ti...


I have been to another rehab center prior to this. I had a pleasant and great experience at Harbor Village. It was a great place for me.


If you want to finally understand why it is you’re going through addiction, the therapists at Harbor Village are the best of the best. I’ve been in and out of treatment for years, and I’ve never...


Going to a treatment center was something I didn\'t imagine or expect to happen to me. In the first place, I really didn’t want to go at all. But when I decided to try and got there, I was so happy ...


Harbor VIllage has been the exact thing I was looking for. After having awful experiences at other rehab centers, who just want your money, Harbor Village was a Godsend. I never felt as if I wasn’t ...


Recovery has given me a second chance at life, and has pointed me in the direction to pursue higher education. I owe that all to the staff of Harbor Village..


Effectiveness in treatment was a strength. The meals were bad.


Harbor Village went above and beyond my expectation. I highly recommend this center!


Going to rehab is the best thing I’ve ever done for me and my family. After struggling with alcoholism for a quarter of a decade, I decided it was finally time to get clean for myself and my family....


The best thing about going to rehab was that it didn’t feel like rehab at all! During rehab I got to go to concerts, and a Dolphins game- that would have never happened anywhere else! HarborVillage ...


Harbor Village allowed me to take control of my life again, and saved me from a life of addiction and disease. If I didn’t go to treatment when I did, I’m not sure if I would be alive today. I am ...


Harbor Village is the best detox center I’ve been to- instead of leaving you there to go through withdrawal on your own, the nurses are always with you, and you’re able to participate in group dur...


This place saved my life! Awesome food, great medical staff that really cares and lots of attention from the nursing staff. I was put on a comfortable taper, I felt no withdrawals and enjoyed my week ...


Not knowing where I would end up from day to day was a living heck. When I finally went to treatment, Harbor Village was there to help me every step of the way. My therapists helped me learn how to co...


The center\'s overall setting is great and their treatment is unique. I love the individualized treatment that I get from them. We also received massages here which were great.

Areas of Focus
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy (also called CBT) is helping people to understand the thoughts and emotions that underlie their addiction with the goal of learning new, healthier and more productive ways to understand and express themselves.

Trauma & Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT)

Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT) uses the brain’s innate ability to adapt to change in a healing way, essentially “retraining” the brain to respond differently to familiar memories of trauma or pain.

Process Abuse Treatment

Not all addictions involve mood-altering chemicals. The term “process addiction” describes the unhealthy use of behaviors (including eating, gambling, sexual activity, shopping, internet use, etc.) that has spiraled out of control and into the realm of addiction.

Dual Diagnosis/Co-occurring Disorders Treatment

These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Alumni Testimonials
  • Everything I've been able to achieve now, I owe to Harbor Village. They taught me how to live again. I can never repay what they've done for me.
    Conner D.
  • Harbor Village has saved my life. I love the entire staff, every one of them was an active part of my recovery, and I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out!
    Jessica G.
  • I have two sons that were at Harbor Village for detox. My one son was stressing about going through withdrawals again, so he was reluctant to go anywhere to detox. I spoke to Chris NOT once, NOT twice, NOT even Three times- honestly I can't remember how many times Chris would answer my call or text, it didn't matter if it was at 11 pm or a Sunday morning. He would send my son a text letting him know they were waiting and it would be OK I can't believe how Great this detox center is!
    Laurie R.
  • I loved Harbor Village it definitely changed my life for the best I would recommend it to anyone who has hit rock bottom amazing staff that really cares...
    Courtney S.
  • Harbor Village has helped me overcome my addiction entirely. I am a brand new person, and I wouldn't have been able to get here on my own! Thank you!
    Kelly G.
  • The only reason why I'm okay today, is because of Harbor Village. They went above and beyond for me, unlike any other treatment center I've been to. This time, I know I won't need another.
    Hannah L.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of
    Michael Boland - Chief Operating Officer

    Michael Boland is the Chief Operating Officer of Harbor Village Detox Center. As such, he is responsible for the overall supervision and support of the staff and clients. His duties include deescalating conflicts that have been advanced to his level of authority, ensuring the safety of all persons present at the facility, and coordinating events and trips for clients.

  • Photo of
    Yanio Brunely - Chief Medical Officer

    Yanio Brunely, Harbor Village’s Chief Medical Officer, is the man with a plan. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and 20 years of experience, Yanio is courteous and professional while also demonstrating a compassion and altruism that lends well to his field of work. Level-headed and even tempered, Yanio supervises the nursing staff and all medical undertakings as advised by Dr. Carlos Satulovsky.

  • Photo of
    Cory Newman - Behavioral Tech Supervisor

    Cory Newman is the Behavioral Tech Supervisor for Harbor Village Detox. Cory is responsible for the supervision and coordination of the behavioral tech staff’s tasks. He addresses client issues and concerns and is responsible for the general functions of the facility. Cory aids the behavioral techs, caseworkers, and therapy staff in addressing the daily needs of Harbor Village clients on a personal and general level.