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  • Overall: 2.7
  • Accommodations: 2.8
  • Meals: 2.6
  • Effectiveness: 2.7
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3643 Woodland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215

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This place stinks. It's a nonprofit organization that thrives off making a profit.


They are very supportive. It was an amazing program and it helped me alot.


Will help you if you want it. Security was a weakness of the facility. I recevid alot of great information.they also had a good compleation rate.


Able to get financial assistance. Staff was unprofessional, played favorites. Gaudenzia is in the process of opening an inpatient facility in Anne Arundel county in Maryland. I would never recommend...


The place was like a prison, stink bugs were EVERYWHERE, infested with bed bugs, very poorly structured classes. I couldn't wait to get out of that place.


Strengths: Free. Weaknesses: Chaotic, old fashioned, under staffed. All that's wrong with "rehab" in Baltimore.